Jackson Hole Natives

About Hidden Basin Outfitters

Your outfitter of Hidden Basin is Buskin Wilson, of Jackson Hole.  His family has lived and grown up here since Jackson Hole was established.  Buskin is a avid hunter who has had a dream of being an outfitter since he was little.  Buskin is not only a hunter but also a professional bull rider.  He is currently riding in the PRCA, CBR, and the PBR.  He travels all over the Untied States each year riding bulls and going to rodeos.  He is currently on the Outdoor Channel with the CBR every Wed. and Saturday night.  You can also look for him to have 30 min. TV show, titled CBR profiles with Buskin Wilson, coming out soon.

We are the fifth generation outfitters on both sides of the family in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  We have three generations of guides and outfitters in camp each year.  We are a small family run operation with a private run camp. Our staff and family our here to take care of your needs, and make your stay enjoyable.  Our guides are hired each year with careful consideration to see that you get all that you hoped for and more!  All of our guides have lived and grown up in Jackson Hole and hunted here all of there life.  You can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your guide, outfitter and hunt.

Being natives of the Jackson Hole area gives us many advantages. Coming from a large family with generations of experience and knowledge in the ranching and hunting industry has had a great affect on the kill ratio in our camp each year. We do summer pack-trips from mid-June until hunting season starts. This helps us to keep a close eye on the game, which lives around us. Our knowledge of the area is hands-on experience every day for six months of the year. We have many repeat hunters that have become friends as well as clients over the years. Most of our clients our return hunters and come back every year. We hope you will give our outfit a try and become one of the same.

Thank you!
Buskin “Buck” &
Brandi Wilson